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A Life Well Lived_Series

Introducing a new and very special photography service by Pat Corlin Photography. ‘Creatively Classic’ photography sessions captured on location and at the beautiful Seacoast Photographers Studios of Dover.

Why capture the final days of pets lives?

Sharing our lives with older or ailing pets remind us of just how precious our time together really is. As the days with our pets begin to wane, due to the natural aging process or the onset of a life threatening illness, it becomes imperative to celebrate their lives while they are still with us. Approaching these last days with our pets in a celebratory way can often help us cope with and ease the pain of letting them go when the time comes. This is a very private and intimate time with our pets where we have the opportunity to create final and powerful memories, full of deep meaning.

When being gifted the time to say goodby to our beloved pets, I always encourage family members to consider a very special pet photography session that I offer called ‘A Life Well Lived’. This is an intimate end-of-life photography session for owners and their beloved pet where memories are captured to celebrate the life, the love and devotion of their best friend.

For the aging dog, creation sessions may be reserved well in advance with a custom creation session in our beautiful mill studio or an in-home session if need be. Ailing pet sessions may be reserved with very short notice. Considering the degree of urgency, I do my best to prioritize these particular sessions. Ailing pet photography session may qualify for payment plans after consideration of medical urgency and financial need.

I will be happy to share my time to answer your questions about such sessions. You can reach my by telephone at (603) 781-5916 or email me directly at

Please feel free to share ‘A Life Well Lived’ story of your own #ElderPet and introduce your loved ones right here on my Facebook page.

Much Gratitude to #JustTheThing! for this comfy, classic leather chair for the particular session. Seventeen years young, our Dorothy very much enjoyed her session in this lovely piece of furniture .

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