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PatCorlin_CPP_SeclectiveFocus - 'Triple7 Zulu Victor, Hangin’ With The Big Boys at Port City Air'

Yes, Al
Yes, Lauren
Yes, Jane

Lauren DelVecchio I like it. The rules say as wide open as the lens will allow (in my own words) but I think they have to understand your distance from these planes will affect the focal range and that this probably is wide open.
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Pat Kennedy Corlin
Pat Kennedy Corlin Yes Lauren, that is the case. The image was shot at f4 using my 70-200 with a 1.4 adapter which meant I lost a stop and f4 is the lowest I could get out of lens.
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Pat Kennedy Corlin
Pat Kennedy Corlin I like it for a number of reasons. I thought it was a different image than what I am seeing for selective focus and I actually do some aerial photography on occasion. So I thought it would be good to try and include a few for consideration.
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Al Audleman
Al Audleman I like the image and the story works with the statement of purpose. As far as your comment, Lauren, DoF is controlled by three factor and using all of them is just fine. I.E. You can have a shallow depth of field at f/8 under the right conditions. :)
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Lauren DelVecchio
Lauren DelVecchio Yes I agree Al. I just think for CPP they are used to seeing t more shallow. But in this case I would say it's easier to understand why it doesn't look quite like the other dof submissions. I like this one and say go for it!
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Pat Kennedy Corlin
Pat Kennedy Corlin Thank you Al and Lauren, much appreciate hearing from you both.

Pat Kennedy Corlin Thank you Jane, I'm pleased you liked this one.

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