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True Colors

When I first made my way to the town of Trinidad, Cuba, I arrived very late, in the dark of night and emotionally exhausted. There were a few scattered street lights and my first impression was of a rather quaint village with white cobblestoned streets, all very monochrome in appearance. I would not see the true colors of this place until morning. I had not researched any images of the town as I often like to be surprised when I first arrive somewhere for the first time. I had read, however, that Trinidad had been declared a UNESCOs World Heritage site in 1988, so I know it would be special.

After we all had a delicious homemade breakfast by our host, members of the‪#‎TGLCuba‬ team gathered our camera gear and struck out for our first morning photo walk of our four days visit to Trinidad. This beautiful entryway was directly across the street from the entrance to the Casa we all shared and it was my first hint that I was about to be treated to one of the loveliest towns I had ever seen. I hadn’t walked more than two blocks before the tears started rolling down my cheeks. I knew instantly that THIS was the reason I was meant to stay in Cuba, even when my heart was aching to fly home. Fate had made certain that I would complete my Cuban journey and the stunning beauty of Trinidad would be the inspiration I needed to help me make my way through incredible emotional challenges of the sudden loss of my brother. When I stepped onto the streets of Trinidad I suddenly understood that I must find a way to honor him by brining home images that would do justice to this Cuban experience.

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