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Lauren DelVecchio I love this.
Unlike · Reply · 1 · May 22 at 5:23pm
Al Audleman
Al Audleman Except THIS is RoT .... and your image doesn't really fit.
Al Audleman's photo.
Like · Reply · May 22 at 9:38pm
Pat Kennedy Corlin
Pat Kennedy Corlin Thank You Mark but it looks like most won't work for CPP. Competition maybe
Like · Reply · 1 · May 22 at 10:44pm
Pat Kennedy Corlin
Pat Kennedy Corlin One of my favorites Lauren but not sure how I can use it properly
Like · Reply · 2 · May 22 at 10:46pm
Pat Kennedy Corlin
Pat Kennedy Corlin Question for Al. I'm not clear on why this image is not considered ROT. Here was my thought process. I placed the main subject, the gold part of the column along the left vertical line and the lower balcony railing to run along the lower horizontal lin...See More
Like · Reply · May 23 at 10:05am
Al Audleman
Al Audleman It is close but based on my RoT lines, nothing really falls where it should IMHO. I think this is a great image but I'm just not sure it will work with the judges.
Like · Reply · May 23 at 3:53pm
Pat Kennedy Corlin

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Lauren DelVecchio
Lauren DelVecchio I see it as RoT. The bottom thirds line works for me and all the curved lines on the left converge on the left thirds line. It may not be obvious enough for CPP but I do see it. I still love it. Lol

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